Boat tops and boat upholstery

Why choose us


We listen to our customers all the time. Our goal is to provide our best knowledge and expertise to the project to make sure we meet user requirements. We are flexible, reasonable, and we support our customer until he/she is satisfied.


We liaison with leaders suppliers and the best Marine Fabricators of the World, located in Canada, Europe, Australia, and the USA. We participate in continuous education, and we take part in many global discussion groups where we share each other learnings.


We want to remain competitive, but we need to take as much time as is necessary to make a good quality custom product. We know that any Product we make can be done cheaper by somebody else. However, we also know that our customers are expecting to receive a good quality product.


 No project is too large for us, neither too difficult. We like to take on challenging jobs. The smallest vessel we fabricated canvas for was 14 ft. in length, the longest 54 ft.


We do not perform typical shop tasks involving sewing at your location, but at your boat, we take a pattern, bend the structural frame, and do installations.


 We learned that it is neither worth for us nor for the customer to use a cheaper substitute. Thus we use the best available materials from proven sources of established reputation.


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Our suppliers are quality driving, leading brands
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